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Jazz notes

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Karaoke Jazz. Scope of application

The collection of jazz note-for-note transcriptions of outstanding performers. Materials are prepared with the best quality. Jazz notes are presented in a few version on the site: for piano, contrabass, drumkit and some for sax. All material can be felt by the hands. Notes contain what is you listen to on phonogram. Nothing is added and nothing is eliminated.

If you are looking for jazz notes of the best quality and mainly composition of worth, you are welcome. The offered material satisfies the delicate taste. The way of it presentation appears to be the most convenient.

The karaoke jazz method developed by our company is for musicians not for singers. The method is for those who want to play theory of jazz in practice using state-of-the-art computer technologies. The method is based on basic principle of collective performing, expanding the possibilities of musician and exempting of the presence someone else except himself. It is good, isn’t it&

All compositions are presented having not only the piano notes, but having parts of the rest of players of composition. In addition to jazz notes there are backs (back recordings) – phonograms recorded without one instrument, allowing playing jazz with famous jazz musicians rather than speaking in your beard. All materials are for four instruments: piano, contrabass, drumkit and sax, edited in detailed.

Availability of headphones and for instance piano let your relatives be free of sounds you play during jazz lessons (it is important thing too).

After the first phase of text learning by notes you are having the possibility to move a little further and to play jazz in the real tempo. At last, now you can make a real jazz concert for your friends. For instance you are a bassist, could you make a concert before? Yes, probably, you could. But who could understand you&

Using notes you can delve in harmony and structure of a composition, but karaoke jazz method give you a chance to feel it acoustically.

All notes are written to show the suggested material as accurately and accessible as possible. We tried not to overcharge the text with unnecessary details (i.e. microdynamics, phrasing and all that nuances), in case of necessity, having listened the composition, you can always do it yourself as you need; however, we tried to make the rhythmic figure very accurately.

Bossa Nova USA (Dave Brubeck)
Cool Blues (Charlie Parker)
My Funny Valentine (Oscar Peterson)
Stars Fell on Alabama (Cannonball Adderley)
Summertime (Oscar Peterson)
Take the 'A' Train (Oscar Peterson)
The Days Of Wine And Roses (Oscar Peterson)
The Girl From Ipanema (Oscar Peterson)
Perfidia (Cedar Walton)
On Green Dolphin Street (Wynton Kelly)


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