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All courses in practical play jazz, published on the portal.

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In the past, most jazz musicians in America was just such a method of teaching and learning jazz. Buy records, locked in a room for a couple of months and played together with the sound of the plate. Such a method is proposed here to play. Plus the fact that all the work of removing and recording music for you, we have already done. Moreover, the computer is much easier to navigate handle than the needle player. You can perform improvisations of his instrument, and can and everything. To adapt to the tonalities especially given most of the songs to play in the neighboring keys, if you have perseverance and desire - to train yourself. Jazz compositions chosen a different degree of complexity, but all are absolutely competent musical text, jazz by 100%. Require registration for access. User status is open free access to all materials resource without conditions.
Sheet quickly memorized the text, if the contractor is aware of the laws of the construction of a musical work, therefore, strongly recommended to study the training materials on jazz, which is enough for on our website.


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All the songs from the Anthology work as follows: when you run it opens automatically when the notes and reference tools are beginning to play (all except yours). This is the game in the virtual ensemble (where you together with other virtual jazzmen execute his game). This is how, without exception, all songs and free home version of "Perfida" and online versions (do not forget to register).