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Virtual ensemble

The product is designed for music establishments that use modern computer (digital) study methods as a study guide for some categories of musicians.

Sphere of Application:

1.For individual studies on the presented note materials.

2. Directly: for playing in real-time mode as a musician of the virtual ensemble (especially important for owners of electronic instruments such as piano, drums, etc)

3.Indirectly: one may use it as a guide for studying the composition, harmony and etc.

All these provide a deeper acquaintance with the work of the presented musicians.

Product Description

The full set of supply of the stated composition ("For Full") includes the following items:

1.The full note score

2.The full set of the ordered parties- one for each instrument (for transposing instruments+ one party in clef C)

3.The phonogram of the stated composition

4.The full set of the recorded backing tracks of the stated composition

The incomplete set of supply of the stated composition includes the following items:

1.The full ordered note party for the selected instrument (for transposing instruments+one party in clef C)

2.The phonogram of the stated composition

3.One backing track (phonogram of composition but without the party of the selected instrument)

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Bossa Nova USA (Dave Brubeck) $ USA
20 20 20 20 80
Cool Blues (Charlie Parker) $ USA
24 24 24 24 96
My Funny Valentine (Oscar Peterson) $ USA
16 16 16   48
Stars Fell on Alabama (Cannonball Adderley) $ USA
38 38 38 38 152
Summertime (Oscar Peterson) $ USA
22 22 22   66
Take the 'A' Train (Oscar Peterson) $ USA
26 26 26   78
The Days Of Wine And Roses (Oscar Peterson) $ USA
20 20 20   60
The Girl From Ipanema (Oscar Peterson) $ USA
27 27 27   81
Perfidia (Cedar Walton) $ USA
16 16     32
Autumn Leaves (Wynton Kelly) $ USA 22 22 22   66